How to Install Badges

      Installing or removing emblems is done at your own risk to the emblem, vehicle, tools, yourself and/or others. We are not responsible for any damage to your vehicle, emblems or any injury that may be incurred.
      CERAMIC COAT TREATMENT please ask the person or company who did the job and ask how to remove the ceramic coat only in the area you want to install this item. We are not responsible for any emblem lost if your vehicle have Ceramic Coat Treatment before install emblems.
      Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from real object.
      Easy to Install
      Remove gentle form the package.
      1- Don’t install outside with extreme freezing temperatures, find an indoor, garage area to do the installation.
      2- Remove if any existing emblems and badges that are in your way.
      3- Clean the surface with a clean rag and alcohol and then completely dry the area (It needs to be completely dry or the tape won’t stick..
      4- Apply a heat for a few seconds to the area with a hair dryer to keep warm if surface is a little cold. (Optional)
      5- Peel off the backing paper that protects the adhesive on the badge.
      6- Centralize in the area where be apply.
      7- After install press badge onto the surface and apply equal and firm pressure for at least 30 seconds then remove the top protection paper.
      8- Wait couple of days before wash the vehicle in that area.